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Van Gogh's Shoes

Van Gogh's Shoes

shoes and Boots by Vincent van Gogh are key paintings from the career of this skilled post-impressionist artist. Both specifically underline both the poor life that the artist lived for much of his life but also show how he was interested in the relatively mundane objects from the lives of the more disadvantaged people in the late 19th century. Typically at this time artists were only interested in covering the famous and wealthy within their art.

Vincent van Gogh admitted that he never had the money to produce figurative paintings and if he had enough money for models he would have focused entirely on this type of painting and neglected other ideas. Without figurative works he found inspiration and great interest in simple objects that he found in and around his relatively modest lifestyle and these also served as symbolic items for portraying the lives of the poor at that time.


Van Gogh was connected to the poor in a way far stronger than any other artist in Europe at that time and his The Potato Eaters is now seen as a masterpiece despite being considered at the time a dark and depressing piece. The whole career of Vincent van Gogh can be separated into two different approaches, one displaying dark and moody imagery to give the impression of sadness, poverty and general negativity. The other was what followed, with bright and uplifting images often of natural scenes which were designed by the artist to please others and also alleviate his own mental problems which themselves involved polarised emotional outbursts.

Besides these two paintings, other notable works by Van Gogh included The Night Café, The Yellow House, Falling Autumn Leaves, L'allée des Alyscamps, Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, Starry Night Over the Rhone and The Starry Night. These and many more are amongst the most popular reproductions ordered online currently around the world with framed art prints, posters and stretched canvases being the most frequent.

We can conclude that Van Gogh's paintings of shoes and Boots were important in symbolising his strong connection to the poor of the time and also indicated his flexibility and imagination in treating these simple objects almost as if in a portrait painting, including great detail and colour consideration to give the desired impression. Few artists have managed to create so much with so little and the artist's own skills meant he didn't need to rely on beautiful models or complicated architecture.

Van Gogh's Shoes

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