Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Ways to Market on the Internet - Get Paid to Advertise?

In today's age of advertising overload, one would think that they have seen just about everything out there when it comes to marketing ploys. Hardly a minute goes by during our day when we aren't bombarded with some sort of hype or propaganda. Pick up any print media and you will find more ads than substance. Turn on the TV and nearly 25% of the content will be devoted to separating you from your money! So is it possible that there is really a new way to market on the internet? Well, as surprising as it may sound, the answer is "YES"!

In order to understand this new way of internet marketing, one must first understand a simple yet widely-used form of advertising known as Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing. Most of you are probably familiar with this already, but just in case, here's a quick review. PPC advertising is offered by all of the major search engines and it allows a company to basically buy their way onto page one of any internet search. Say, for instance, that you sell shoes. The internet search for the keyword "shoes" is going to be highly competitive and it could take years for your website to get to page one of that search (if you ever get there at all). However, you can buy your way on to page one if you are willing to pay every time someone "clicks" on your link. That's PPC advertising. Now, let's continue...

Obviously PPC is not a new way to market on the internet. Google, Yahoo, and others have been doing it for a long time and it generates BILLIONS of dollars for them annually. So what's the big deal? Well, what if YOU were actually the one getting some of that PPC revenue. Yep, that's right. What if some of the money from all of those PPC's was actually coming to you? Hmmm... Now we have your attention. Maybe this is a new way to market on the internet. Let me tell you that it absolutely exists, but very few people know about it (until now).

There is a software application on the market today that you can actually give away to anyone. Give it to friends, family, customers, clients, prospects, use it for advertising your own business, website, or idea. The application downloads in seconds and a mobile version will be available soon. It allows the user to save time and money whenever they shop online. Since nearly everyone shops and compares prices online for items ranging from pants to airline tickets, this application has some serious value for the online shopper- and you can give away as many copies as you'd like. OK ready for this? Here comes the good part. Every time a person does an internet search for anything (that's right, any keyword search) your name, info, or logo appears on their computer screen with a link directly to your site! Wait a minute, did I just say that your link comes up on their computer whenever they perform any internet search? Yes, that's what I said. That really is a new way to market on the internet. Can't get any better than that, or can it?

How about this... Along with your link, there are other links that appear which people can use to compare prices, find internet deals/specials/coupons, and even find locations of brick and mortar stores in their area where they might find the items they are seeking, all in just one mouse click. Any time someone uses any of those links, they generate PPC revenue that gets shared with you. OK, time out here. Let me get this straight. You give away an application and any time the person uses it they save time and money, they see your link, and you get paid if they click on any of the other links. That's unbelievable. Yes, it truly is unbelievable but you better believe it because if you don't, your competition will find out about it sooner or later.

The average person performs between 75-100 internet searches per month. That means if you use this software application and give it away to just one person per day, after just 6 months that's 180 people times 75-100 searches per month! Your link appears up to 18,000 times per month on other people's computers. What would that do to your business? Yes folks, it is a new way to market on the internet.

It must be expensive? Nope, less than $30 per month and with the income potentially generated through PPC, you can actually make money. You do have to buy the license rights to the software but that's only a one-time fee of $199. All of this is far less than what you would actually pay to buy an ad from one of the major search engines.

So here's the bottom line. There are new ways of marketing on the internet being developed every day. The key is that not everything is going to be immediately released to the main street public. You need to be networked with the proper people who have the newest information otherwise your competition could crush your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. Yes, sometimes there is a cost in order to become educated. But if you think education is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance! If you don't take the first step toward progress, no one will take it for you. Tired of the same old, same old? Then take action today!

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