Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Italian Shoes Are Often Expensive

When I think about Italian shoes I immediately have images of stylish, handmade footwear. These are shoes that will really have a big impact on your appearance. There's no doubt, however, that they can tend to be rather expensive.

This article takes a closer look at footwear from this European country. In particular, I look to tackle the whole question of why Italian shoes should be more expensive than many alternatives. To get a few ideas, let us look at some typical characteristics of Italian shoes.

The first thing to note is the materials used in their production. They'll often be made from high quality materials, including leather and suede. Such materials are chosen because they look great and offer your feet plenty of protection. But are such materials cheap?

Unfortunately, they are considerably more expensive than the synthetic alternatives that you often see in cheaper shoes. This means that, when you buy a pair of Italian shoes, you'll be paying a premium. The higher price reflects the fact that you'll be buying shoes made from better materials.

But what about the process of their manufacture? The very best Italian shoes will be handmade. There's a real skill to making a great pair of shoes. Once again, this will add to the price that you pay. It's possible to get cheaper shoes made in factories in other countries of the world. Labour costs are likely to be lower elsewhere.

You need to ask yourself whether you'd be happy to accept shoes of a lower standard. If you would then you can certainly pay less by avoiding Italian footwear.

These shoes are made to high standards, using some of the finest materials. That means that they're made to last, but it also means that they will usually be more expensive. You need to decide whether you're happy to pay more for shoes of a superior quality.

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